Building a Better Lash Community Through Borboleta’s Scholarship Program

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Why was the Scholarship Program created?

Borboleta’s lash scholarship program was designed to address the underrepresentation of black, indigenous, people of color, and LGBTQ+ individuals in the lash industry. We believe that holding space for diverse perspectives enriches the experiences of all involved. We know that everyone deserves a chance to be part of this life changing community- and we want to be a part of your lash journey. 

What does the Lash Scholarship Program offer? 

Full ride tuition, baby! We want you to be educated in all things lashes. If selected for the program, you will get a free seat to be certified in all our course offerings; Classic, Volume, Pro Artistry, and Lush Lift + Brow Lamination. The best part? You get to learn at your own pace! All our courses will be available from the comfort of your own space through our Online Learning Platform. Go at your own speed, be supported throughout the whole lash journey, and finish with all the knowledge and techniques needed to be a successful lash artist. 

Lets dive deeper into each technique you will learn:

Classic Lash Extensions: Kicking things off with the OG lash technique that built the Lash Industry, Classic Lashes! The Classic Lash technique involves attaching one single synthetic lash extension, to each natural lash. The process of applying Classic Lash Extensions takes precision and skill. The artist isolates the natural lashes with their non-dominant hand, as the dominant hand picks up the extensions, carefully dips the extension in adhesive, then adheres the extension to the isolated natural lash. 

Volume Lash Extensions: The Volume Lash technique involves hand crafting multiple lighter weight extensions into a fan shape. Unlike Classic Lashes, which involves adhering a single lash extension to each natural lash, Volume Lash extensions utilizes a technique we reference as “fanning” to create a fuller, more voluminous look on the lash line. To cater to each student’s learning styles, we teach 4 different methods to handcraft your volume fans in our Volume Lash Extension Certification Course, to guarantee your success as a lash artist. 

Pro Artistry: A course meticulously crafted for the lash artists who are ready to push the boundaries of their lash skills and creativity. This course isn't about perfecting your mega volume fanning techniques and lash application - it’s about transforming you into a lash artist who can create customized, intricate, beautifully blended, lash sets while running a thriving business. 

Lush Lift & Brow Lamination: Borboleta’s way of Lash Lifts– Lifting solutions packed with moisture leading ingredients to ensure the health of your guests natural lashes, always! In our Lush Lift course, you’ll learn to master each step of the Lash Lift & Brow Lamination service. From how to prep, style and care for lashes soft as silk, and high as heaven. Enrollment includes access to an expansive manual, inclusive of our new brow lamination step-by-step and a live, interactive classroom where you’ll learn everything from business basics to advanced styling techniques. You’ll receive personal, live feedback from a Borboleta Educator before receiving your certification, setting you up for Lush Lift success! 

How do you apply?

Our application process is easy and straightforward but most importantly, we want to get to know you and your lash goals! First, make sure you meet all eligibility requirements:

  1. Identify as Eligible - applications are open to those who identify as Black, Indigenous, BIPOC, or LGBTQ+.
  2. Aesthetics/Cosmetology Credentials - applicants must be pursuing, or already have, an esthetics or cosmetology license.
  3. Age + Location - applicants must be 18+ years-old and living in the US to qualify for the scholarship.

Second, complete the application requirements:

  1. Share your basic contact information - full name, phone number, address, and email address.
  2. Written essay - Three prompts to help us get to know you! Why lashes? Why now? What are your passions and hobbies? Anything you would like to share with us about your story :) 
  3. Video Essay - Hop on camera and show off your personality! Let us know more about you and your journey. 

It's not just goodbye after you receive all four of your certifications, we want to support you throughout your whole lash career! Partner with us to help make your day to day easier as a lash artist and business owner with dedicated account managers, community webinars, and ofcourse, product and education discounts.

Ready to start your lashing journey with Borboleta? APPLY NOW!