Education v5.0

The Leading Lash Curriculum Just Got An Upgrade

What's New?

What can you expect with this new curriculum? We’re bringing creative new styles, tangiable business building strategies, and innovative new techniques. Being Borboleta-certified has always been synonymous with quality and a trusted name in the industry. So what are you waiting for? It’s time for you to join the Borboleta family and earn your wings as a certified artist 🦋 #BorboletaEducation #TransformationalJourney #EmpowerYourCrafts

The Borby Boost

A new service & technique offering clients lush lashes in under an hour. Now you can fill in appointment gaps and meet the needs of a one-time guest.

Versatile Designs

Five refreshed templates available in the Classic, Volume, and Classic + Volume courses.

Classic Mastery

Gone are the days that Classic is a stepping stone, Classic can now be your signature look and distinct competitive advantage. Our new curriculum offers 3 ways to create a classic look.

Business Building & Career Pathing

Transform your skills into a thriving business. Elevate your brand, learn essential business strategies, and create a luxe guest experience.

Updated Modules & Videos

New and updated visual assets covering everything from technique to business operations.

Online & In-Person

With options for everything from onsite to online, and private mentorship to co-branded curriculum—there’s a place for everyone to learn from the best.


Online Courses