Lash 301: Refresh Audit Course

Lash 301: Refresh Audit Course

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Got certified in our Lash 301 course, or in a previous Accelerated Artistry course? Need a little brush-up? Take advantage of this exclusive Borboleta Alumni perk to stay up-to-date on the latest techniques and trends in the lash industry. The 6 hour theory virtual classroom session is free! Add on a model session to work on a lash set virtually with a live Educator.



Artists previously certified in Lash 301 or Accelerated Artistry courses who want to refresh their lash skills in a live, virtual setting.

What you’ll need


Lash 301 Audit Kit Contents

Your kit comes with everything you need to complete your course.

Lash 301 Kit Contents

What to Expect


1: Sign up for the free theory or purchase the model session and keep your eyes open for a welcome.
2: Book your class dates in the student portal.
3: If you purchased a Model session, we’ll ship the course Kit right to your door.

Study Hall

Before class starts, study up on the basics with our video-based lessons and PDF manual.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

Complete homework assignments to test and expand your Classic and Volume theory skills.

Live Class Time In A Zoom Room

Participate in a 6 hour live virtual classroom with an expert Educator and peers learning Classic and Volume theory and practice hands-on techniques.

Lash Fam Alumni Network

Access our world-wide alumni network to stay up-to-date on the latest techniques and courses via instagram and webinars.