Get The Look: Wispy Texture

Zhoosh up your lash lookbook with this spiky, natural blueprint that oh-so-beautifully lifts and elongates the eye.

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Inspired by Borboleta founder, Kimber Jaynes, our featured look for National Lash Day 2022 is a fun, flirty set that delivers wisps of natural texture above a lush, dark lash line.

By stacking two classic lashes together, we create long, natural spikes that add just the right amount of pop to a base made of shorter length 6D fans and bundles. To suit our model’s round eye shape, we opt for a softer C curl to help elongate the eye, and avoid a surprised look.

This set’s base length ranges from 9-14mm with a spike length from 11-16mm.

Blue Print
step 1

STEP 1: Place the Spikes

To the top layer of lashes, place 1 spike in each of the 7 sections of your blueprint, doubling-up on the outer corner of the eye to help create a lifted look. As you work through this top layer make sure to leave a few additional healthy lashes in case you need to add one or two spikes later on as you finish off the look.

step 2

STEP 2: Fill the Bottom Lash Layer

Using 6D fans and bundle lashes, fill the bottom lash layer using a shorter length extension than marked on your base blueprint. This shorter extension will create the dark, defined lash line that we’re after.

STEP 3: Complete the Look

Place classic lashes and .03 bundles throughout the middle lash layer to fill out the remainder of the set. Now is also the perfect time to place any needed spikes across the top lash layer that help to balance and polish off the look.

More of a visual learner? To perfect this look, watch our step-by-step Wispy Texture tutorial below.

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