Get The Look: Hello, Hybrids!

If you don't have hybrids on your service menu yet—let us introduce you to the perfect, versatile option for clients who want something between a classic and a volume look!

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Hybrids are a great way to introduce the benefits of volume sets to classic clients. This inaugural lookbook blueprint for the ‘Hello, Hybrid’ set combines .07 volume with .15 classic lashes for a look that’s subtle (yet still full) and flawless! It’s the perfect set for clients who are wanting a textured look that still has density. Plus—as an added benefit—hybrid sets allow you to add fans during fills to begin to slowly introduce your classic clients to the benefits of volume lashes.

Fully customizable based on your clients wants, natural lash density and eye shape, hybrid sets can use different curls and diameters to deliver a uniform or a textured look. For this set, we’ve used our OG lash line up in .07 Volume and .15 Classic diameters.

A mix of both C and CC curls, this set’s base length ranges from 7-12mm.

Let’s get started by reviewing the blueprint!

Blue Print


With a hybrid appointment, you should spend the first half of your time placing volume fans, and the second half of your time placing classic lashes. To begin, you’ll want to pay extra attention to areas that would benefit from a fan and place those accordingly—think gaps, sparse areas, or anywhere you would want to add emphasis.

When planning out your lashing session, keep in mind that hybrid sets should take about 30 minutes less than a full set of volume lashes, but 30 minutes more than a classic set. Similarly, hybrid fills should take 15-30 minutes less than volume fills, but 15-30 minutes more than classic fills.


With the dual volume-classic makeup of these sets, you should expect a hybrid look to gain texture as it grows out since lash shed will be random. For this reason, it is made even more important to ensure lashes are mindfully placed section-by-section and eye-to-eye to ensure symmetry.

Pro Tip: Mix it up! Don’t be afraid to use a 7mm fan next to a 11mm classic, or 7mm fans near the peak. Not every fan has to be exactly the same width, diameter or length as the one next to it. Be adventurous with your styling—hybrids are not one thing! They can be light, dense, fluffy, bold and imperfect all at the same time.


More of a visual learner? To perfect this look, watch our Hello, Hybrid! tutorial below.

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