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Need a helping hand? We’ve broken down our full tweezer lineup to help you find your next main squeeze.

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Do you remember the first time you picked up a tweezer and attempted to make a fan? Unless you were born a flawless lash magician, it probably felt a bit awkward. Dedicated practice steadily builds muscle memory and tightens technique, but finding the right tweezer can feel like a major breakthrough in your ability to bring your creative vision to life.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of seamlessly flowing between isolation, fanning, pick-up and placement with your go-to tweezers acting like extensions of your hands. If you haven’t experienced this feeling yet, don’t worry, this post is for you. It’s also for you artists who have found your tried and trues—because it never hurts to try something new. As your artistry evolves you just might find a tweezer to work for you like it never has before.

As one of the most important tools in your kit, taking the time to find a tweezer that fits your style is definitely worth the time investment. We know that each artist has a unique style, and tweezers aren’t always one size fits all, that’s why we’re breaking down our whole lineup to make finding your next main squeeze a breeze.

With nine different options, our tweezer lineup was developed to provide artists with all the tools they need to make their lash dreams reality. All Borboleta tweezers are hand-crafted from corrosion-resistant Japanese stainless steel to ensure grippy grabbing, and no slip. Smoothed-out edges and absorbent velvet-touch coating means our tweezers feel comfy cozy in your hands, even after a long day of lashing. Before we pass them off to you, they must pass our quality inspection where we review everything from sharpness and symmetry to tip-length and color. Plus, they come in a reusable travel case to help protect them on-the-go.

It's important to learn the ins and outs of each tweezer, but ultimately, tweezer choice comes down to personal taste. With some simple education and a bit of practice, finding the best tweezer for the job will quickly become a matter of instinct.

Boot Camp


These boots are made for fanning, and with all grip and no slip, that’s just what they’ll do. From building to placement, the beloved shape provides total control every step of the way. All three versions are hand-tested and guaranteed to be able to pull a minimum 8D. For good reason, these tweezers are a “fan” favorite.

OG Boot
Grab The O.G. when you need a versatile tweezer that’s ready to pick up all sizes of volume fans with any fanning method you choose.

Bootie Boot
This compact tweezer stays out of the way for maximum visibility without sacrificing fan-pulling power.

Mega Boot
The long edge on this scaled-up classic makes it a great choice for making big fans.


Getting perfect placement, even on the finest natural lashes, is a breeze with the right isolator. Isolators are a must-have for targeting tricky inner and outer corners, and for clients with dense natural lashes. A good isolating tweezer will be sharp, can easily rest in an open position, and open and close smoothly with little hand and wrist strain.

Straight Isolator
Get baby hairs out of the way with needle-sharp precision. With perfectly straight lines, this tweezer is simple to angle just right so you can see and access the natural lash while placing classic or volume lashes.

Taper Isolator
A favorite for classic lashes thanks to the narrow shape and comfortable design.

Tight Curve Isolator
Curved, compact and thin, our versatile Tight Curve Isolator perfectly pinpoints natural lashes and unapologetically doubles as a volume tweezer. This tweezer is great with those clients with a lot of baby lashes.

Curve Isolator
When the tweezer is open, it mimics the curve of an eye. This makes for effortless lash isolation and easy access to the natural lash. With great visibility and medium tension, this is our founder’s favorite isolator.

Isolation Navigation
Boot Camp


Hybrid Tweezers, like the name suggests, are the go-to choice for hybrid sets. Whether lashing classic, volume or hybrid, their thin shape allows close contact with lashes and a light touch when creating fans.

Hybrid Angle
A classic lashing staple, the Hybrid Angle is also a no-brainer for hybrid sets! Try this multi-use powerhouse for fanning, pick up and placement.

Fine Angle
With their thin, grippy design, the Fine Angle is the perfect choice for when you need a small isolation gap, or the ability to grab lashes with precision.


If you’re a new artist and still feeling overwhelmed, here are some guides that can serve as a great kick-off point whether you’re looking for volume, classic or a hybrid set up.

Go-to boot: O.G. Boot Tweezer
Inner corner fans: Bootie Boot Tweezer
Mega fans: Mega Boot Tweezer
Classic isolator: Curve Isolator Tweezer
Volume isolator: Tight Curve Isolator Tweezer
Classic / Flat lash pick up: Fine Angle Tweezer
Hybrid pick-up + placement: Hybrid Angle Tweezer

Shop our full tweezer lineup here.

Quick Pick

Once you find your faves, it’s a good idea to add some back ups to your lash stash. Tweezer drops happen to the best of us (moment of silence for the fallen tweezers), and it might save you from some mid-set stress.

If you’re having a hard time finding a tweezer that flows with you, some extra education never hurts! All our courses include 1:1 time with Borboleta Exclusive Educators who can help you nail the perfect position for maximizing precision.

Now that you’re up to speed on our tweezers, get ready for lash play so easy and consistent, you won’t want to reach for anything else. Our whole mission is to make your life easier, that’s why all our tweezers come with a 30-day guarantee—so you can try them out on a few clients (or a few dozen) and if you’re not completely obsessed, we’ll exchange or refund your purchase—no questions asked.

Trust the process, put in the work, and don’t be afraid to reach out if you have any questions. We are here for you.