A Guide to Finding the Best Lash Extensions

Understanding how manufacturing impacts the look, function and feel of lash extensions is key to making better product choices for you and your clients.

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In the world of synthetic lash extensions, all fibers are not created equal. While most faux-mink lashes are made from the plastic fiber PBT (short for Polybutylene Terephthalate), how these fibers are sourced, processed, manufactured and assembled varies wildly from brand to brand, and should be an important factor in your backbar stocking decisions.

While it might be tempting to save money by purchasing bargain trays from a digital superstore or a direct manufacturer, there are numerous reasons to buy from a reputable brand—from saving yourself the stress of inconsistent quality and retention, to honoring your level of artistry with beautiful, perfect sets.

To keep things simple, we’ve narrowed down our top 3 reasons to buy from proven brands that prioritize product over profit.

first thing first

Reason #1 - Expertly Designed Product

Award-winning lashes (Hello, Borboleta!) are born out of dedicated research, and expert-led development that drives performance innovation.

Product developers are where the rubber meets the road for brands dedicated to delivering the best to their customers. At Borboleta, they oversee extensive artist, environmental and challenge testing panels, nerd out on specifications and measurements, and obsess over the tiny design details that you go crazy for!

The Borboleta Difference
During the course of developing our award winning OG Lash lineup, we stepped outside of the box to customize the radius of inner-corner length D curls to make them blend into sets seamlessly. Between custom engineering and rod tooling we were able to perfect the lash curl and length—delivering extensions that are second-to-none.

Reason #2 - Consistency

Quality reputations are rooted in consistency—every tray should have the same undertone and finish every time. Unfortunately, suppliers often mix fibers throughout their lines. At best, it happens because the same fiber isn’t available across different diameters. At worst, it’s a measure to save costs.

Regardless of the reason, opening a new lash tray should never be a grab bag. When it comes to curl, length, tips, color, finish and fannability, a quality tray should always deliver on expectations. At Borboleta, we have a disciplined quality control program that does just this. We spend countless hours inspecting tray after tray, doing on site production checks, creating protocols, training and—yes— even looking at fibers under a microscope.

The Borboleta Difference
While sourcing material for our award winning OG Lash Lineup, finding the same yarn fiber across all diameters was an absolute must. That’s why every time an artist opens a tray of our OG extensions they see the same ultra black, satiny fiber they know, love and rely on.

first thing first

Reason #3 - Industry Backing

Since day one, we’ve been raising the bar with the highest quality hand-made extensions that have been manufactured with care and quality-controlled with precision—and it shows. Stocking your lash stash from brands that are recognized for their commitment to quality product and the artist, means that you can rest a bit easier knowing that they’re in the business of supporting your business.