Get The Look: The L+ Bundle

Diversify your lookbook and spice up your clients’ Classic sets using this Borboleta signature bundle technique.

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Our featured look for National Lash Day 2021, the L+ Bundle brings a flare of drama to an everyday look. By layering L+ bundles and C curls across the lash line, we achieve the perfect classic look with the added benefit of volume retention.

This set’s blueprint length ranges from 5-12mm with L+ bundles, specifically, in lengths from 7-12mm.


STEP 1: Perfect the Pull

A collection of volume lashes that are kept closed rather than fanned, bundles should be pulled using your favorite volume tweezer—our must-have bundle boot is the OG. To begin, grasp a small grouping (aka: a bundle) of extensions and begin to pull them towards you. As the bundle begins to pull away from the strip, slightly adjust your tweezers closer to the base before pulling it off the strip completely. This will help ensure the bases stay together!

As with volume fans, the number of extensions included in the bundle should be dictated by your client's natural lash health.

STEP 2: Secure the Base

If you still have space at the base, dipping the bundle in adhesive can help pull it together. Keep in mind, less is more in terms of adhesive. If the base of the bundle picks up too much adhesive, hover it back over your adhesive dot to suction off the excess. No beads of adhesive should be visible.

More of a visual learner? To perfect your bundle pulling and application technique, watch our step-by-step tutorial below.

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