Lash 201: Turn Up the Volume

Lash 201: Turn Up the Volume

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Mastered classic lashes? Learn how to hand-make fans in our volume course and take your artistry to the next level! LASH 201 offers 10 hours of live time with an educator where you’ll learn blueprinting, 4 fanning techniques for customizing your volume sets, pro-prepping strategies and more in a virtual classroom and a personalized 1:1 mentorship.

Upcoming Classes:

  Below are available times for our Live "Zoom Room" Theory Classes. You will be able to schedule this class once you purchase/enroll in the course and have access to our online campus.

        Who is Lash 201 for?

        • Lash artists certified in Classic or previously enrolled in Lash 101: Kickstart with Classic
        • Artists looking to offer an advanced service for their clients to increase revenue potential
        • Lash artists looking to develop their creativity and artistry

        *Esthetics or cosmetology license are required in most states

        What you’ll learn

        What you’ll need


        Lash 201 Kit Contents

        Your kit comes with everything you need to complete your course and get started with clients upon certification!

        Lash 201 Kit Contents

        What to Expect


        1: Purchase the course and keep your eyes open for a welcome email.
        2: Book your class dates in the student portal.
        3: We’ll ship the course Kit right to your door.

        Study Hall

        Before class starts, study up on the basics with our video-based lessons and PDF manual.

        Practice. Practice. Practice.

        Complete homework assignments to test and expand your Volume lash skills.

        Live Class Time In A Zoom Room

        Participate in a 6 hour live virtual classroom with an expert Educator and peers learning Volume theory and practice hands-on techniques.


        Interact in a four hour live virtual classroom with an Educator and peers as you apply lashes to your model and receive certificate evaluation.

        Guidance Counseling

        Up to 60 days after your Model Zoom Room, spend 30 minutes in a personalized 1:1 mentorship.

        Perks & Discounts

        Utilize your post-course discounts on professional products to help build your business.

        Lash Fam Alumni Network

        Access our world-wide alumni network to stay up-to-date on the latest techniques and courses via instagram and webinars.