The Lash Lowdown: Busting Five Lash Extension Myths

No swimming. No sweating. No sunscreen. No way! It’s time to bust some myths and set the record straight on how to best care for, and get the best retention out of your sets.

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The truth of the matter is that lash extensions myths and falsehoods abound when poor technique, product quality and sanitation practices are a part of the application process. That’s why the importance of securing a great education and only using high-quality supplies can’t be understated! When lash extensions are applied properly using superior products, however, it’s safe to consider these five myths busted!

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MYTH #1: Lash extensions damage natural lashes.

As long as proper techniques are used during application, a guest’s natural lashes should continue to follow their natural growth cycle. To ensure this is the case, Borboleta-trained artists follow a specific protocol including: applying only the appropriate weight to lashes; using minimal adhesive; and applying one lash or fan to each natural lash (ie: Isolation—check out our Lashing Basics Isolation tutorial here) so that it can shed easily and naturally when it grows out.

MYTH #2: Guests can’t (or shouldn’t) get lash extensions wet.

Actually, guests should be cleansing their lash extensions daily! Neither showers, sweating nor swimming will affect lash extension retention. What is important is the frequency and quality of products used for daily lash care. Borboleta has a collection of skincare infused lash care to ensure that lash extensions stay clean and beautiful, and have great retention.

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MYTH #3: Lash extensions are difficult to care for.

As the lash obsessed, we love to love on our lashes whether we’re rocking extensions or going au natural. Regardless of preference, we recommend your guests remove their makeup with our Breakdown makeup remover and cleanse their lashes daily with one of our Lash Bath cleansers and Clean Swoop brush. Once guests develop a routine, maintenance is a breeze.

MYTH #4: Lash extensions are uncomfortable.

Just like the natural lash-damage myth, guest comfort is completely dependent on proper artist technique. Perfecting your lash isolation practice will ensure as natural a look, and as comfortable a feel as possible for your guest. To brush up on your isolation skills, check out our Lashing Basics Isolation tutorial here.

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MYTH #5: All lash extension sets look the same.

This service is totally customizable and can be designed to meet the desired look of any individual. Great lash artists can create styles that are natural and effortless, textured or tailored, or dense and dramatic. The possibilities are nearly endless!