Getting the Most out of Go-To Adhesive

Dry Time, Retention, Curing — oh my! We’ve put together a list of our adhesive go-to’s for our Go-To Adhesive

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Learning the ins and outs of lash extension adhesive is crucial to creating flawless sets with exceptional retention. From care to curing, we’ve covered off on adhesive best practices to ensure you get the most of every bottle.


Adhesive bottles should be capped and kept in a cool, dry place when not actively in use. It’s okay to store unopened adhesive in the refrigerator, but once opened, it’s best to keep them in an airtight container. We guarantee our adhesive quality for 3 months from purchase, and 4 weeks after the adhesive is opened.


Go-To Techniques:

  1. Extra Protection
    Add rice or silica gel to the storage container (and replace it regularly).
  2. Fresh Is Best
    For quality and consistency, opened adhesive bottles should be replaced every 4 weeks. Write the date you open an adhesive bottle on the bottle or in your calendar so you don't have to guess if it’s time to replace. If in doubt, toss it out.
  3. Stop The Stash
    Stocking up on adhesive is advised against, as the active ingredients have a limited shelf-life. It is best to order adhesive on a monthly basis.
  4. Climate Matters
    In more humid climates, you might have to switch out your adhesive more frequently.
  5. No Extremes
    It’s critical to keep adhesive out of extreme temperatures, so doorstep delivery can be risky in some locations. If you’re worried, we suggest shipping to a P.O. Box or reception desk.

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When adhesive is exposed to moisture, a chemical reaction takes place to change it from a liquid to a solid. In the lash world, this process is often referred to as curing or drying. Adhesive thrives in climates up to 65% humidity, and most adhesives do better in relatively dry air. The good news is that while environmental humidity plays a big role in adhesive curing rate, the Go-To Adhesive has been tested in different climates, all over the world with amazing results.

Go-To Techniques:

  1. Use A New Drop Every 15-30 Minutes
    Place each new drop of adhesive on a fresh piece of micropore tape. Do not place the new drop next to an old drop, as old adhesive continues to give off fumes that could compromise the new drop’s functionality.
  2. Time of Day
    If you live in a particularly humid area, it is common for average levels to peak in the mornings, followed by an afternoon drop as the sun evaporates excess moisture. If you have the option, schedule lash appointments in the afternoon!
  3. Avoid Extra Moisture
    Keeping adhesive away from moisture-generating devices like humidifiers and essential oil diffusers will help already dispensed adhesive stay fresh.
  4. Achieve Peak Performance
    Use a thermostat, hygrometer, humidifier and or a dehumidifier to help you achieve optimal conditions of 68-72º F and 40-65% relative humidity.

Pro-Tip: The Nano Mister is your secret weapon for curing with control. Use it immediately following lash extension application to dispense the perfect veil of moisture for activating the curing process.



Adhesives are formulated with a variety of ingredients that separate as they sit. The heavier chemicals will settle at the bottom of the bottle, while the lighter ones float to the top. Before you begin your day of lashing, take off the cap and shake the adhesive for two minutes. Shaking ensures you get the perfect ratio of ingredients in each drop.

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Go-To Techniques:

  1. Don’t Stop The Shake
    In addition to your initial two minute mix-up, make sure the ingredients remain emulsified by shaking for 30 seconds before dispensing each new drop.
  2. Don’t Squeeze, Please
    Keep air out of your bottle by allowing gravity to pull out the drop of adhesive.
  3. Keep It Clean
    Use a lint-free wipe to clean the nozzle after each drop of adhesive to keep your bottle clog-free. After wiping, close the cap completely.

Pro-Tip: Go-To Adhesive has a clog-reducing, wrap around nozzle. Plus, there’s a bonus nozzle in every box.


Our Go-To Adhesive cuts out the guesswork with a do it all formula available in 3 viscosities: Medium Thin, Medium, and Medium Thick.

Go-To Techniques:

  1. Small But Mighty
    A minimal amount of adhesive should be used when applying lashes. If the adhesive is too thick it may not dry or dry very slowly.
  2. Time It Right
    Keep in mind that the adhesive has a 1 to 2 second dry time. This means you’ll want to isolate the natural lash before dipping your extension.
  3. Mix It Up
    Try mixing a couple of viscosities to make the perfect consistency for you! Lashing is a unique experience based on climate, preference, years of experience, and client so tailoring your adhesive to your needs can be helpful.
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Many times, what clients think is an allergic reaction is actually irritation. Symptoms of an adhesive allergy include red puffy eyes and itchiness that get worse with time and can last until the adhesive is removed. Irritations usually don’t last longer than 24 hours and get significantly better as time passes. Limiting the amount of fumes your clients are exposed to will help you reduce irritation.


Go-To Techniques:

  1. Less Is More
    The more adhesive used, the more fumes. Fumes can cause irritation that mimic an allergic reaction, but these symptoms are temporary and NOT toxic!
  2. Open Up
    Lashes should only be applied in well-ventilated rooms with open doors and windows.
  3. Cure Quick
    The sooner the adhesive is cured, the less fumes. Frequent use of the Nano Mister keeps fumes at bay.
  4. Keep ‘Em Closed
    Remind your client to keep their eyes closed during application. Tell your clients about how long it should take and let them know why it’s important to keep their eyes closed. If they understand, they are more likely to follow your instructions.

Pro-Tip: It is always best to consult a doctor when medical related issues are involved. The above is just a guideline to help eliminate irritation and identify allergies.

Well done! You’re now a Go-To Adhesive expert with stunning sets and impressive retention in your future. Still have questions? Contact us here or head over to the on instagram.