Say Hello to The Ultimate Lash Extension Supply List

From our favorite Borby Boot to our sneaky Sharpie stash (ultra fine points only, please), we cover off on our ultimate lash stash. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive rundown, or you just want some fresh ideas for your lash layout, we’ve got you covered.

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Nothing gets us more excited to get started on a set than a perfectly organized lash layout. Seeing all our beautiful lash tools lined up and ready to make some magic (*chef’s kiss*) just makes our hearts skip a beat. We love geeking out on eyelash extension equipment so much that we decided to indulge ourselves by creating, The Ultimate Lash Extension Supply List. Below you will find all of your lash supply must haves—from pre-treatment to our fave post-treatment, Cooldown Calming Eye Masks.

first thing first

First Things First: Clean Lashes

To kick things off, your lash supplies wouldn’t be complete without some lash care + lash prep. Lash health has always been at the top of our list of priorities because better natural lashes mean better lash extension sets. Achieve the best base possible by adding the following goodies to your eyelash extension supplies. The lash care is great to keep on hand for clients who come in with makeup or dirty lashes, and the pre-treatment helps ensure the lashes are primed for extension placement.

  1. Breakdown
  2. Lash Bath
  3. Clean Swoop
  4. Towels
  5. Water Bottle
  6. Pre-Treatment
  7. Lint Free Micro Swab Brushes

Lock Lower Lashes Down + Map It Out

Take the time to nail the lockdown and you’ll thank yourself later. Our Bio Gel Pads come in two shapes for a better fit, and the tape is the perfect material to lock down any remaining lower lashes. Then comes the fun part: creating your Borby Blueprint! We recommend the ultra fine point sharpie to make writing and reading your map easier.

  1. Bio Gel Pads
  2. Tape
  3. Mini Scissors
  4. Ultra Fine Point Sharpie
first thing first

Lash Time

Multi length or single? Classic or volume? Colored or black? Premades or prepped trays? No lash stash is complete without options! Keep a Nano Mister on hand to soothe irritation and cure adhesive as well as a lash wand and eyelash mirror to continually check your work.

  1. Eyelash Extensions
  2. Palette
  3. Tweezers
  4. Nano Mister
  5. Lash Wand
  6. Eyelash Mirror

Work With Your Adhesive

Creating the ideal environment for your adhesive will go a long way to help with retention. We recommend keeping your salon at 68-72º F and 40-65% relative humidity. Applying your adhesive on a jade stone helps regulate temperature, and the tape helps create a dip-friendly dome shape.

  1. Adhesive
  2. Tape
  3. Jade Stone
  4. Dehumidifier
  5. Air purifier
first thing first

Post Treatment

End your clients’ appointment with a pair of Cooldown Calming Eye Masks and they’ll love you forever. We recommend setting them up with a complete at-home care lineup as well, to keep their lashes clean, healthy and strong.

  1. Cooldown Eye Masks
  2. Lash Bath
  3. Clean Swoop
  4. Lash Serum

Setting The Vibe

Nothing beats the feeling of a fresh set, but creating the ideal environment for your client to relax in during their lash appointment really rounds out the experience.

  1. A Tray Of Candles/Scents
  2. Crystals
  3. Bluetooth Speaker (with the perfect lash nap playlist)
  4. Tarot Cards

Picture Perfect Accessories

Instagram content creation doesn’t have to be a balancing act (literally—there’s a reason a tripod is number one on this list)! Just like investing in the right lashing tools makes your life easier, so does having a few good photo tools.

  1. Phone Tripod
  2. Glamcor Elite X Light Kit

If you’ve checked off all the basics, then it’s time to have some fun! Creating a space and an experience that’s unique to your brand will help set you apart and build a connection to your clients. Share your set up on Instagram by tagging #lashlayout and We can’t wait to see!