Go-To Adhesive

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The perfect lash adhesive for lasting lash love.


The Lash Lowdown

What You’ll Get
One Bottle, 5 ml, 0.17 fl oz, Choose Your Viscosity  

All The Details
Blinking, bathing, crying happy tears—lash extensions go through a lot. Give yours extra life with our exclusively developed, custom-made eyelash extension glue.

  • You can choose from three different lash glue viscosities: Medium Thin (Refreshed Formula), Medium, and Medium Thick, depending on your preference. They’re all made to grip onto lashes for the long haul
  • Dry time? 1–2 seconds flat. Hold time? Up to 5 weeks without fuss 
  • More fun facts: Our lash extension glue is free of petrochemicals, latex, and formaldehyde. It’s happiest living between 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit and within a humidity range of 40%-60%

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    From dry times to technique best practices, we’ve put together a list of our adhesive go-to’s for our Go To Adhesive.

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