What to Say to Clients who Don’t Wash Their Lashes

Clean lashes make for happy, longer lasting lashes…and clients! We’ve covered off on all the talking points for why your clients need to be lathering up their lashes.

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In case you missed it, CLEAN LASHES = HAPPY LASHES. We’ve been busy shouting the news from the rooftops (read: our Instagram), because we know that lathering up leads to better retention—and we’re not just talking lashes. Aftercare plays a pivotal role in helping your clients achieve and maintain the look of their dreams, so don’t be surprised when your client-retention rate gets a boost too.

The first plunge into Lash Bath and the world of eyelash extension care can be intimidating, so whether you’ve got one stubborn client, or a crew of newbies, we’ve compiled all our top talking points to help you convert your entire clientele to the lash care club. (P.S. this would be a great time to throw on a pair of Cooldowns).

The concept of creating a strong foundation is as important for lashes as it is to any beauty routine. From makeup to manicures, we’re well aware that neglecting our natural layers (skin, hair, nail, etc.) often has consequences down the road. Our lids and lashes are no different and, as delicate eye areas, deserve extra special attention. Every product in our collection was developed with the eyes in mind, and formulated to create strong and conditioned lashes surrounded by hydrated skin. So let’s kick things off by getting reacquainted with the lineup that makes lash care something to look forward to.


Lash Serum

Function: Nourish + Enhance
Key Ingredients: Biotin, keratin, peptides, plant-based stem cells, pumpkin seed extract

From Lush Lifts to show-stopping extensions, Lash Serum creates the perfect foundation of strong, healthy lashes—no matter your client’s go-to look—helping them look as long and full as possible. Formulated by the world’s leading lash experts, this serum delivers powerful ingredients with shocking results. Just one swipe of this lash-loving serum each night makes lashes look fuller and thicker in as little as 4 weeks, with maximum results at 8 weeks. Put simply: Lash Serum is every lash lover’s best friend.



Function: Remove + Condition
Key Ingredients: Coconut, betaine

Don’t let this gentle, oil-free formula fool you. It may feel like water, but watch it emulsify and melt even the toughest makeup on contact, completely breaking it down, hence the name. No rubbing, no tugging, and—best of all—no damage to your lovely lashes! Unlike other removers, our formula features fatty acids that dissolve makeup and prevent moisture loss, all without a greasy residue.


Lash Bath Gel Cleanser + Foam Cleanser

Function: Deep Clean + Hydrate
Key Ingredients: Snow mushroom, coconut

These nourishing formulas go beyond cleansing to help keep your lids and lashes healthy and hydrated. With premium ingredients like moisture-binding hyaluronic acid and amino acids, this formula replenishes and revitalizes your eye area for more youthful-looking skin, while strengthening and conditioning natural lashes. Available in two tantalizing textures so your clients can choose between smooth gel or bubbly foam. This eyelash cleanser is the crucial step your clients never knew they were missing!


Clean Swoop Cleansing Brush

Function: Clean + Caress

It’s high time your clients ditch those damaging cotton pads and replace them with this reusable, one-of-a-kind brush. Its custom eye-hugging curve helps our lash-loving formulas gently work their way throughout your lash line for the deepest clean possible. Plus, the innovative drying stand keeps your brush off the counter top and ready to use.


Cooldown Calming Eye Masks

Function: Cool + Calm
Key Ingredients: Cooling hydrogel, caffeine, kelp, elderberry

These iconic masks make the perfect post-appointment treat to instantly soothe your client’s eyes while depuffing and diminishing the appearance of dark circles. (Plus they’re the ultimate accessory for a fresh-set selfie!) Once introduced, your clients will fall in love with these cooling hydrogel masks and look for any excuse to revitalize the eye area.


Fluff Up Reusable Lash Wand

Function: Touch-Up

Your client’s back-pocket secret weapon for touch-ups anywhere and flawless lashes everywhere. The hourglass shape combs through each lash from root to tip to keep natural lashes and extensions fluffy, separated and perfectly positioned. The custom bristle mix gently detangles and removes shedding lashes for a gorgeous look. The handle doubles as a protective cap making on-the-go use easy while keeping the brush clean.

Now that you know what makes these products obsession-worthy, here’s how to tie them into a convincing case for your skeptical clients.

1. Lash Care = Eye Protection

Key Products: Breakdown, Lash Bath Foam Cleanser, Lash Bath Gel Cleanser, Clean Swoop

All the pretty ways we play up our lashes usually takes center stage, but behind the scenes, lashes are always very busy performing a key role for our health: preventing bad bacteria from getting into our eyes. Ideally this bacteria is routinely washed away to keep infections at bay, but this is where it gets sticky… There is a lingering rumor that one should never get their lashes wet. Let us bust this myth once and for all: ditch the shower goggles and GIVE YOUR LASHES A BATH. By avoiding water and lash cleanser, bacteria is left to multiply, increasing the risk of infection. At the bare minimum, every client should have a cleansing routine to make sure lashes can do both jobs: look stunning and protect the eyes.


  • Send first time clients home with a travel size Lash Bath (you can group the price into your service fee)
  • Offer lash cleansing to your clients as an upsell and use the time to educate them on the benefits of washing their lashes, and share the details of the nourishing products
  • Show off the different Lash Bath texture options: foam cleanser or gel cleanser
  • Send your client home with cleansing instructions

2. Lash Care = Longer Lasting Lashes

Key Products: Lash Serum, Breakdown, Lash Bath Foam Cleanser, Lash Bath Gel Cleanser, Clean Swoop

Have you ever tried to apply an extension to an oily lash coated in makeup? If you have, we know you’re cringing at the thought right along with us. The opposite sensation is the satisfaction of effortlessly locking an extension onto a fresh, clean lash (ahhhhh, much better). By creating a residue-free surface, lash cleansers help create a stronger adhesive bond—and you know what that means—better retention. Introduce your clients to Breakdown and Lash Bath so you can say goodbye to eye-shadow specks and pesky leftover liner ruining your application. If you can convince your client to trust the process long enough to see the results, they’ll never go back. Besides lash cleanser, Lash Serum will help create a stronger base to hold on to extensions longer.


  • Offer incentives for clients who practice good aftercare, such as lash care lineup discounts
  • Take pictures to demonstrate the improved retention and the appearance of increased fullness as they continually take care of their lashes

3. Lash Care = Longer Looking Extensions

Key Products: Lash Serum

As we mentioned, Lash Serum strengthens lashes while making them look longer and fuller over time. Healthier lashes means better support for more dramatic looks. Sometimes the incentive of a more intense lash look is all it takes to hook your clients on lash care.


  • Encourage your clients to start using Lash Serum and take before pictures (or take the pictures for them) so that they can watch their lashes and extension sets look fuller and longer over time
  • As natural lash strength increases with Lash Serum use, suggest appropriate upgrades for their look, such as increasing lash length or diameter

4. Lash Care = Self Care

Key Products: Fluff Up, Cooldowns

If your aftercare spiel feels more like an afterthought with boring homework, then it’s time for a rebrand. Our luxe lineup was crafted to feel like self-care. Find the fun within your own routine and your enthusiasm will become contagious.


  • Follow us on Instagram ( for beautiful and educating content that you can repost
  • Conduct 1:1 consultations to help your clients find the perfect routine for them
  • Let your clients experience the products and benefits before they buy

Good hygiene is always a good idea, and lashes are no exception. Breaking old habits can be a hurdle, but remember these talking points and you’ll see your clients unlock a new level of lash love that goes deeper. Your clients are already lash obsessed, so all you need to show them is that when they lash care hard, they can lash play harder.

P.S. Can we level for a moment? Who hasn’t slicked some mascara onto extensions in an SOS situation? No shame, just up your lash care game and nobody has to know. ;)