Mega Volume Lashes: What They Are and How to Apply Them

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As a Lash artist, having an in-depth understanding of various lash techniques is crucial to be able to cater to a variety of different looks your guest’s will ask for. In this guide, we are pulling the curtain behind all things Mega Volume Lash Extensions; their benefits, the artistry, how to increase your earnings, and more! Let's get right into it–

What are Mega Volume Lashes?

Mega Volume Lashes are an advanced lash technique, designed for a seasoned lash artist. This technique involves the handmade process of making a fan of lashes that consist of 10-20, fine weight, lash extensions. This results in a fuller look on your guest’s lash line. A key component to Mega Volume Lashes is the diameter. The most commonly used diameters are .03 & .05mm, allowing you to always keep your guest’s natural lashes as healthy as possible, no matter the look. 


Why Would Guests Want Mega Volume Lash Extensions? 

Benefits of Mega Lashes:

  1. The Drama– Are your guests constantly asking for longer, fuller, more dramatic lashes? If so, Mega Lashes is your solution! Because Mega Volume fans can be larger than a regular Volume fan, you are able to create more density and drama on the lash line. 
  2. Light weight– Despite their dense appearance, the ultra-fine extensions used to create a Mega Volume fan are very comfortable to wear. 
  3. Customizable– Taught in our Pro Artistry Course, Mega Volume comes in all different shapes and sizes. From the Perfect Line to the Borby Blend, your guest’s are guaranteed to fall in love. The fan size, shape, and lengths are fully customized to each guest’s eyes to ensure you offer the best solutions possible while keeping their lash health top in mind. 
  4. Long lasting– because of their finer diameter and fuller look, your guest’s retention will thrive, making their time between refill appointments longer. A win-win! 



Who Are Mega Volume Lashes For?

Mega Volume Lash Extensions can be designed for a variety of eye shapes and lash healths. The Mega Volume technique is ideal for guests:

  • Who requests extra drama and density from their lash sets
  • Already consistent with their lash care system at home 
  • Strong, healthy natural lashes that can hold the weight of larger, finer fans. 
  • Sparse or thinner natural lashes. You as the artist would use a finer diameter lash extension to match the fine weight of the natural lash.
  • All eye-dentities! You can create the perfect set for any eye shape. 


Mega Volume Lashes vs. Regular Volume Lashes:

Mega Volume Lashes 


From a natural, lived in look, to becoming a textured queen! The looks between the two techniques can vary. Mega Volume Lashes appear fuller, and more dramatic, and Regular Volume Lashes are softer and have a fluffy appearance . 

Lengths & Thickness:

Mega Volume Lash Extensions use thinner extensions (.03mm-.05mm) to create dense fans, while Regular Volume Lashes use somewhat of a thicker lash extension (.06mm-.10mm).



Pros & Cons: 

Mega Volume for the Guest 

Pro: Dramatic, dense look. Comfortable to wear with a slightly longer fill schedule. 

Con: Requires an Advanced Artist who has the skills to create and apply, also can be more time consuming during the service. 


Mega Volume for the Artist 

Pro: Time to take your artistry to the next level. Enroll in the Pro Artistry Course to always keep learning. You will also be able to charge more for this service; more certifications, more credibility, more revenue for your business!

Con: An additional lash tray sku to add to your lash inventory. Longer appointment times, but higher price tag! 


Regular Volume Lashes for the Guest 

Pro: Softer look and feel. 

Con: Less dramatic, may not offer enough fullness or ‘style’ for some guests. 


Regular Volume Lashes for the Artist 

Pro: Jumpstarts your next step after perfecting Classic Lashes.

Con: You are maxed out on the fan size you can create to ensure you keep your guest’s natural lashes healthy. 


Supplies Needed for Applying Mega Volume Lashes



How to Apply Mega Volume Lashes: 


  1. Create handmade Mega Volume fan
  2. Isolate one natural lash
  3. Dip handmade fan into your Go-To Lash Adhesive
  4. Apply fan the natural lash .05mm from the lash line  


Pre-Made vs Hand-Made Mega Volume Lashes: 

Do your guests ever run late for their appointments and show up needing close to a full set? Pre-Made fans offer consistency and efficiency within the lash service during those times! Yes, their cost is a bit more, but the reliability they offer is worth the cost. Simply peel off the Pre-made fan from the base, reposition the fan in your tweezer, dip and place! Taking out the step of hand making your fans to make the service go quicker! *Pro Tip: incorporate a slightly bigger scoop of adhesive when working with Pre-Made fans to evenly disperse the adhesive on the natural lash during bonding. They are also an excellent option when you need to deepen the lash line on the bottom layer of lashes quickly! 

Now imagine if every fan you place on the lash line is identical to each other (such as premade fans), where is your texture and dimension coming from when trying to achieve a more stylized look? Hand Making your Mega Volume fans is the way to go when customizing your guest’s set. The more texture in the fan you create, the more texture the lash line will have. Learn the Borby Blend technique to break down how to create dimensional Mega fans. Depending on the guest, some might prefer the quicker appointment time and less styled lashes, while other guests require a more luxurious, customized experience with handmade Mega Volume lashes. 

Are you ready to start your MEGA-morphosis?

Knowing the different techniques you can offer your guests is crucial to your guest’s experience and your own level of artistry. By investing in your education and using top-notch products, you can provide exceptional services and achieve beautiful, long-lasting results for you and your guests!

Enroll in our Pro Artistry Course and start your learning journey today to Borby’s twist on Mega Volume! Included with a full kit equipped with everything you’ll need to excel in this new technique. We cant wait to see you in class!!