The Different Types of Lash Extensions: Learning the Difference

Curious about the world of lash extensions? Dive into our definitive guide to learn everything you need to know about the different types of lash extensions. Whether you're just starting out or already a lash guru, understanding the nuances of styles, curls, and techniques is crucial.

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Curious about the world of lash extensions? Dive into our definitive guide, 'The Different Types of Lash Extensions: Learning the Difference.' Whether you're just starting out or already a lash guru, understanding the nuances of styles, curls, and techniques is crucial. This post is your one-stop destination for learning the rules—and when to artfully bend them—to distinguish between the effortless classic look and the dramatic volume. Discover your lash extension niche and refine your technique with us. Get ready to learn about the different types of lash extensions! 

Different Types of Lash Extensions


Classic Lashes: 

Kicking things off with the OG lash technique that built the Lash Industry, Classic Lashes! The Classic Lash technique involves attaching one single synthetic lash extension, to each natural lash. The process of applying Classic Lash Extensions takes precision and skill. The artist isolates the natural lashes with their non-dominant hand, as the dominant hand picks up the extensions, carefully dips the extension in adhesive, then adheres the extension to the isolated natural lash. 



Classic lashes are meant to serve the lash line a subtle, yet noticeable enhancement. This one to one ratio is ideal for guest’s who are looking for a soft, natural texture that will make their day to day getting ready a breeze! The most commonly used Classic Lash Diameter is a .15, as the average natural lash can hold the weight without compromising damage to your guest’s natural lashes. You, as the artist, have complete creative control over the shaping you decide is best for each guest by providing a variety of lengths, curls, and techniques.

Hybrid Lashes:

For the indecisive queens and kings, meet Hybrid Lash Extensions; the best of both worlds! Hybrid Lash Extensions are a beautiful blend of 2 types of lash extensions, Classic and Volume. This technique combines the softness of Classic Lashes, with the added fullness and fluff of Volume Lash Extensions. Hybrid lashes offer a wide variety in the final result, making sets have an elevated natural texture, or a fuller, more dramatic look. By strategically mixing classic and volume lashes, you can create a customized style that enhances the natural beauty of the guest’s eyes all while adding depth and dimension. *Pro-tip* we recommend extending the lengths of the Classic Lashes placed 2-3 mm longer than the volume fans placed. This is an easy way to achieve texture and make the spikes of the classic lashes more noticeable. 


Volume Lashes:

Are you ready to unlock the next level of your lash artistry? Welcome to the world of Volume Lashes! The Volume Lash technique involves hand crafting multiple lighter weight extensions into a fan shape. Unlike Classic Lashes, which involves adhering a single lash extension to each natural lash, these types of lash extensions utilize a technique we reference as “fanning” to create a fuller, more voluminous look on the lash line. To cater to each student’s learning styles, we teach 4 different methods to handcraft your volume fans in our Volume Lash Extension Certification Course, to guarantee your success as a lash artist. 



One of the key advantages to Volume Lashes is their ability to dramatically enhance the fullness and thickness of the lashes without adding extra weight or strain to the natural lash health. The .07 diameter is the thickest diameter in the volume lash family and the easiest diameter to work with when accumulating to this advanced technique. But don't you fret, Borboleta offers Pre-Made Fans that can make the adjustment to Volume Lashes easier and can play a great factor in your appointment efficiency and timing.  While we don't recommend Pre-Made Fans for every appointment, they are great to have on hand to help get your guest just as full when they show up late with a Starbuck's in hand ;) 


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Mega Volume Lashes:

For guest’s craving extra density and drama, introduce your artistry and clientele to Mega Volume! Unlike traditional Volume fans, which typically consist of 2-6 light weight extensions, Mega Volume can consist of up to 10-20 extensions, per fan. These fans are also hand crafted and can help add dramatic texture to your guest’s lash line. Within the realms of Mega Volume also lies Russian Volume. Russian Volume is the originator of the “Perfect Line” that you may see when referencing pictures of original Mega Volume. Russian Volume offers a bold look that will leave your guest’s lash line with glitz and glamor.



When trend forecasting, dimension and texture is the way Mega Volume is headed that leaves your artistry possibilities to be endless! When offering Mega Volume Lash Extensions on your service menu, it’s a great way to increase your revenue as a lash artist. Because the technique is a more advanced technique that requires additional certifications, you are able to charge more for this service. Remember, if you are never a student, you will always plateau!

Understanding Curls, Lengths, and Diameters: 

Here at Borboleta, we teach that our number one job as a lash artist is to keep our guest’s natural lashes as healthy as possible. Making sure you are carrying a thorough consultation with each guest to not only determine their natural lash health, but to also understand their desired results with their lash set. Knowing this will help set you apart as the next great lash artist in town. 

We have a wide variety of different curls, lengths and diameters to be an aid to your artistry. Understanding each eye shape and which products will help escalate each guest’s eyes will catapult your technique and guest experience. 

And there you have it — from the understated Classic to the bold Mega Volume, we've covered the essential lash extension types. At Borboleta, we emphasize healthy natural lashes. 

Remember, the key to master your lash artistry is in the details: curls, lengths, and diameters. Master these, and your artistry will thrive.

Stay sharp, keep learning, and keep lashin—