Hybrid vs. Volume Lashes

Understand the differences between hybrid and volume lashes in this guide to ensure you always offer a customized lash set to each and every client!

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Welcome to the world of lash customization! Understanding the differences between hybrid and volume lashes will ensure you always offer a customized lash set for every guest. Knowing their desired look, natural lash health, and lifestyle will help set you apart as the next best lash artist in town. Hybrid and volume lashes offer a subtle, yet fuller, more dramatic look when compared to classic lash extensions. Whether your guest is craving that lush, eye-defining fullness or a multi-dimensional, natural glam, mastering these two lash techniques is your ticket to delivering post-worthy results. 


So, What is the Difference Between Hybrid and Volume Lashes?

Both hybrid and volume techniques have their place in any lash artist's portfolio, but they do have their differences. Here's what you need to know:

  • Number of Lashes Applied: Hybrid lashes consist of applying both individual classic lashes and volume fans, while volume lashes are created by applying multiple lighter weight extensions to each individual natural lash in a handmade fan shape. 
  • Lash Thickness: Hybrid lashes are often created mixing both 0.15 mm and .07 mm lashes, while volume lashes range from 0.05 mm to 0.07 mm. 
  • Technique: Hybrid lashes require a combination of classic and volume lash techniques. With volume lashes, multiple extensions are fanned out and applied to one natural lash for a full, fluffy look. 
  • Look and Feel: Hybrid lashes offer a balance between length and volume, making them a popular choice for guests looking for a more effortless, yet dimensional look. Volume lashes provide a bolder and more dramatic effect, perfect for those looking for some glam.
  • Maintenance: Hybrid lashes tend to last longer than classic lashes and often have a more textured appearance as the lashes grow in between fills. Both hybrid and volume lashes require a fill appointment every 2-3 weeks, depending on artist application and at home lash care. 

Now that you have an overview of the differences, let's get into the fine details that will help you master these two techniques. 


Understanding Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid lashes are the perfect lashes for guests looking for a textured style that still has density. Depending on the guest’s desired result, the lash artist splits their time lashing an O.G. classic lash or volume fan on each individual natural lash. This offers the lash line a textured effect, providing variety in length and volume without being too overwhelming.

One benefit of adding hybrid lashes to your service menu is the flexibility it can create for your artistry. Lash artists have the freedom to mix and match lash lengths, curls, and diameters to create a customized look for each guest. If the guest is looking for a more natural look, more classic lashes will be used. If the guest is asking for textured density, using narrower volume fans and jumping lengths with your classic lashes will help you achieve that look. 


The Technique

The hybrid lash technique utilizes our OG lash line up in .07 Volume and .15 Classic diameters.

During a hybrid lash appointment, you should spend the first half of your time placing either handmade volume fans or OG Pre-made Fans, and the second half of the appointment placing classic lashes. To begin, you’ll want to pay extra attention to areas that would benefit from a volume fan and place those accordingly—think gaps, sparse areas, or anywhere you would want to add emphasis. Next, place the classic lashes mindfully to ensure symmetry when lashing eye-to-eye and section-by-section.  

Keep in mind that hybrid full sets should take about 30 minutes less than a full set of volume lashes, but 30 minutes more than a classic set. Similarly, hybrid fills should take 15-30 minutes less than volume fills, but 15-30 minutes more than classic fills.

Pro Tip: Mix it up! Don’t be afraid to use a 7mm fan next to a 11mm classic. Remember, not every fan has to be exactly the same width or length as the one next to it. Be adventurous with your styling—hybrids are not one thing! They can be light, dense, fluffy, bold and imperfect all at the same time.


hybrid vs volume lashes 



As we mentioned earlier, hybrid lashes tend to grow out in a more texture look because we can not control when a volume fan sheds naturally or a classic lash. Due to this and the lash growth cycles, we suggest guests come in for a fill appointment every 2-3 weeks. There are other factors that play into this such as artist application and at home lash care.



Overview of Volume Lashes

Volume lashes represent the epitome of glam in the lash world and are perfect for those who desire a more dramatic and noticeable look. Using our favorite Borby Boot Tweezer, the artist handmakes each fan and then intentionally places the handmade fan on a single natural lash. The "fans" used in this technique typically range from 2D (two lashes per fan) to 10D (ten lashes per fan). When you want to bump up your fan sizes, make sure to drop your diameters to always keep the natural lash health in the forefront of your mind. 


hybrid vs volume lashes


Volume Lash Technique

Volume lashes are all about precision and expertise. Each fan is delicately handcrafted by the lash artist by incorporating micro movements with their tweezer to fan out a bundle of finer volume lashes. The artist then gently places the fan on a single natural lash, making sure it doesn't touch the eyelid skin or adheres to any neighboring natural lashes. Using a high-quality adhesive is important to minimize irritation and ensure long-lasting results. If you are needing help with your fanning techniques, check out our course offerings to learn the four different fanning methods we swear by! 

To craft the perfect set of volume lashes, study your guest’s natural lash health to carefully select the right diameter, lengths, and fan size. The most common volume diameters range from 0.05 mm to 0.07 mm and a fan size of 3D-10D. The goal is always to achieve a flawless, full appearance without compromising the health of the natural lashes.


hybrid vs volume lashes diameter chart


If you are looking for some extra convenience, our Pre-Made Fans are instantly ready for use—saving you precious time when creating lash fans and voluminous sets!

Pro tip - Check out our volume lash tutorial for an in-depth step by step explanation of the techniques and tips for creating stunning volume lash sets.



Regular maintenance is always important for any type of lash extensions. Guests should schedule a fill appointment every 2-3 weeks to keep their lashes looking fresh and full. Any appointment past 3.5 weeks would be considered a full set. Having policies in place will help protect your time and artistry!



When to Recommend Hybrid vs. Volume Lashes

While both styles offer a fuller look, it's important to know when to recommend hybrid lashes and when to recommend volume. Hybrid lashes are great for guests who want that subtle, yet full natural look and volume lashes are for guests with a sparse lash line or for those who want a more dramatic and noticeable style. 

Get your lash layout ready with all your favorite Borboleta products and let's dive into important things to consider during every guest consultation:

  • Natural Lash Health: What canvas are you working with? Does your guest have thin or thick natural lashes? Is the lash line sparse or dense? This will affect the lengths and diameters you choose to use
  • Eye Shape: Your guest's eye shape plays a critical role in the custom lash design you create for them. Keep in mind mixing curls is the easiest way to amp up your artistry and make certain eye shapes pop! 
  • Aesthetic: What is the desired look, natural or dramatic? We recommend utilizing pictures to get down to the nitty gritty details of what the guest loves and doesn’t. 
  • Budget & Time: Volume lashes typically not only cost more, but also have longer appointment times than hybrid lashes. Consider your guests' lifestyle with choosing the best lash style for them.

      Pro tip - Hybrid lashes are perfect for guests wanting to experiment with fuller lashes but are too afraid to commit to the higher price tag of volume!

      When lash artists understand the differences between hybrid and volume lashes, you can recommend the best option for your guests to achieve an iconic look while most importantly keeping their natural lashes as healthy as possible.  Remember, healthy lashes are happy lashes! 



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